Nurturing Role of Parents

Shri Chamunda Swamiji

“With life on the fast track, coupled with pressures of modernization and ever-increasing competition, ensuring that children get a good education has become a big challenge. Every parent desires that their child excel.”

This concern of parents towards their children’s educational development is quite natural. Parents have a sincere desire that their children progress in life. A reason for this is that education not only ensures a bright future, but also helps in earning a well-deserved and honorable place in society. Wisdom or knowledge comes through education. Education helps in the development of the brain and knowledge makes one a learned person.

Education has become even more important in the modern era because it is directly linked to job prospects. There is a great demand for experts and professionals in various sectors and expertise can be achieved through education. But the question is: whether their responsibility ends at just getting their child admitted into a reputed school, arranging extra tuitions for him, and spending a hefty amount of money in the name of his development? Despite spending huge sums of money on child’s admission and then on his education, the results can be quite disappointing. Either the child does not study, or merely completes studies but does not inculcate desirable human qualities and fails to develop his personality or character. His educational growth gets stuck.


Parents just cannot decide as to what all needs to be done to overcome such a situation. They get frustrated and disappointed. In my view, there is no need to get frustrated. Parents should try to find the factors responsible for causing such a situation. For the proper educational development of the child, parents must try to be there at each step with the child, observe his activities, and look after his welfare. You need to know his feelings and understand his mindset. You could also follow steps which would create an aptitude for studies in the child. Spiritual methods are very effective in the educational development of children. Parents frequently approach me with problems about their child’s educational growth. Generally, I advise them to do some spiritual efforts as well and the results are encouraging.

Spiritual rituals have a positive effect in a big way. Whereas the other methods affect only the exterior surroundings of the child, spiritual treatment impacts his inner soul. And this impact is a lasting one. The spiritual method applied by parents for the educational development of a child leaves such a deep and lasting impact on his inner consciousness that he gets transformed and develops a genuine aptitude for studies. If a child has a spark and an inclination towards sadhana or meditation, he himself can practice spiritual methods like mantra japa, dhyan, etc. If the child is not inclined to do these practices, then the parents can perform them on his behalf.

Parents can pray to Lord Shiva and meditate on Him. The God of gods “Mahadev” is regarded as the originator and creator of all shastras and sciences. Dhvani (sound) and akshar (alphabets) were also created and developed by Lord Shiva. Praying to Lord Shiva every day opens possibilities of creating and developing an aptitude for studies in the child. The parents should chant the “Om Mahadevaya” mantra while in Lord Shiva’s meditation. Keep in mind that this is a mantra for tantric sadhana of Lord Shiva and therefore, there should be no laxity in its meditation. They should master the real mantra under the guidance and supervision of a competent guru. In order to fortify the good effect of this meditation, a formally mastered “yantra” of this mantra should be worn by the child.


To get the child interested in his studies by imparting waves of meditation, both parents should go near the child when he is asleep and should sit near his head in meditation. With full concentration, they need to remind themselves that their child is honest, good and studious. This meditation process should be performed for fifteen minutes every day.

Role_Parents_4_Chamunda SwamijiShri Chamunda Swamiji is an eminent spiritual healer and a devout worshipper of Maa Kali. In his mid-20’s, Swamiji embarked on a journey to the pilgrimages and shrines in India. He received grace of Swami DivyaAnandJiin Mt. Abu (Rajasthan), and was initiated by him into the name “Chamunda Swami.” He is a strong believer in the cultivation of purity of thought, mind, and harnessing positive energy.

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