Receive the Abundant Flow of Divine Bliss and Opulence

Terry Cole-Whittaker

Receive the Abundant Flow of Divine Bliss and Opulence

You may think that people are unhappy because of their circumstances and the fact that the world is full of trouble. But in fact, the world is full of trouble because the people are not happy. Happy people are kind to and respectful of others, while unhappy people are abusive to both themselves and others, and, either way, this affects the world around them. How we feel reflects what we think and believe, which motivates us to act. In other words, our state of mind and emotions dictate our actions, and every action has a reaction.

We live in a cause-and-effect universe, a machine created and governed by the Divine Mind, the Supreme Intelligence. What happens in our personal world, as well as globally, happens because of what we are thinking and feeling and then willing to happen. This is why it is most important for us to allow our divine, blissful nature to express itself. Otherwise we are using our creative powers to express unhappiness and, as a result, create more unwanted results and activities. The key to having a heavenly life is to occupy that life first in your mind and your emotions, and then by your actions. Be there now, and you will be.

Decisions made from fear, anger, or poverty consciousness must, by the law of creation, produce manifestations of these thoughts and emotions in our relationships, finances, health, and environment. Decisions made from love result in positive benefits and a beautiful life lived in harmony with the Divine Mind. When we understand that the results of decisions and activities that occurred in the past are bearing fruit in the present, we can choose to think thoughts and perform activities now that will produce future good fortune, using the same universal creative process. But we must choose to do this. There is no such thing as getting something we have not already earned by means of our consciousness and endeavors. Whatever we desire is possible when we work with the creative laws of life.

No one can even count the stars in the sky when there is a clear view, but when the sky is full of pollution, all we perceive is a few stars, if any.

The first step in receiving is to understand that there is always an abundance of whatever we desire, regardless of outer appearances. Scarcity exists only as a concept, for abundance, is everywhere. No one can even count the stars in the sky when there is a clear view, but when the sky is full of pollution, all we perceive is a few stars, if any. The stars exist, but our limited and obscured perception, based on what we have accepted as true, blocks our view. The garden we call our lives may appear barren, or it may be producing weeds and poisonous plants, but if we sow the desired seeds – the thoughts of what we wish to attain and experience – these will take root and grow. Similarly, when we want to grow a garden, we do not sit around and hate what we have grown before, or indulge in guilt and shame for what is now growing, or worry about what we should have planted earlier. Instead, we go out and prepare the soil, pull up the weeds, throw away the noxious ones, and set about planting the seeds of whatever we desire to harvest in the future – and we do have an eternal future.

The Law of Prosperity Circulation

Water flows and circulates (macrocosm) on the earth in the same process by which blood flows and circulates through the body (microcosm). Once this circulation stops either by the outflow or the inflow, there can be no life. If a person ties a rope around her arm and shuts off the circulatory flow of the blood, the arm will suffer. The water system of the planet works on the outflow and inflow process. A lake must have a source that flows water into it as well as a river or stream for the waters of the lake to outflow into. When there is the balance of inflow and outflow there is health, but if the inflow, the receiving, is stopped, in time the lake will be dry.

On the other side, if the outflow is stopped there will be flooding or perhaps stagnation, for circulation and balance are signs of health. In the same way, when the partners in a relationship stop the flow – their loving reciprocation – the relationship has no vitality or joy. Circulation is the process of outflow and inflow. And circulation – giving and receiving (two sides of the same coin) – is a basic principle of prosperity. Money comes from the exchange of goods and services, and if we don’t offer any, then how is money going to come to us as the return, the inflow? Giving appears to be the opposite of receiving, but one flows into the other: they are two parts of the same principle that operates as a circular flow.

There is a continual stream of ideas, inspiration, and superior intelligence, in addition to love and bliss, flowing from the Higher Power to and through us, seeking expression. The Higher Power is always giving and flowing like a river, offering to us an abundance of whatever we desire, and even more beyond what we may know is possible. In order to receive what is being given to us, we must believe it exists and be willing to receive and express it, let it flow out from us as what we offer to others in the form of our talents, services, love, and encouragement. To whatever degree we are open, we receive, and to whatever degree we are closed we experience poverty, unhappiness, and lack. Our  negative talk about hard times does not affect the source of prosperity and wealth and what exists, but it does affect  our experience of how much or how little of the knowledge, money, and happiness we receive.

There are three steps in the process of tapping into the divine flow:

  • Become aware of the abundance of what is available to you.
  • Pray to receive what you desire.
  • Start the flow by giving what you already have, no matter how little or seemingly inadequate. For example, you may be feeling drained of energy, and if so this is most likely because you have created this feeling by means of your thoughts and emotions. Do something; take a walk, work around the house or yard, or do a favor for someone. Then by some apparent miracle, your energy level will rise. Souls are never tired; it is the mind and physical senses that  become exhausted from use, worry, fear, or lack of use.

Giving appears to be the opposite of receiving, but one flows into the other: they are two parts of the same principle that operates as a circular flow.

When we become aware of this constant and eternal flow of ideas, creativity, solutions, inventions, money, vitality, and whatever else we need, we can call on this flow to give us what we need and want. Brilliant ideas that will lead us to create inventions; answers to our questions; ideas for books, movies, and businesses; and solutions to any problem: all are always available from the collective information of all human beings stored in what is called universal mind. Above and beyond universal mind, which includes the collective consciousness of humankind, we also have the resources of the Divine Mind available to us in the form of knowledge, visions, and experiences.

Asking, or prayer, the second step, is the way we receive, for we have free will and can choose. Not even God interferes with our free will. Prayer is about remembering our connection with our Source, the Higher Self, and asking for what we need and desire from the reservoir of all that exists and is possible. Answers may come in a flash of realization, or in the form of an idea mentioned by a friend, or from an article in a magazine, or perhaps in a dream. Asking your Higher Self for something is similar to asking a search engine on the Internet for what you want. The search begins, and then all that fits your request is offered.

The third step for receiving the divine flow is to activate the flow, which we do by giving, or outflow. Outflow produces inflow, and inflow produces outflow. By doing the thing we have been wanting to do, but have been waiting to do until we get more money, time, energy, love, and so on, we will, by the law of circulation, automatically cause more of what we desire to come to us. For example, use whatever amount of talent you have, and your talent will increase. But if you wait for your talent to increase before you use what you have, your talent cannot increase. Increase is caused by outflow.

Do something that takes you in the direction of where you want to be, even if you don’t believe it is possible for you to attain what you want.

Remember, do the thing, and the power is yours; don’t do it, and you don’t have the power. Act as if you possess great love, and you will soon possess it. Act as if you are confident, and your confidence will grow. All seeds are small, but they grow once they’re activated (planted). When we focus on lack, giving all our reasons and justifications for not having prosperity, we are affirming lack, which prevents us from receiving what wants to come to us. The key to receiving is to go ahead and act. Do something that takes you in the direction of where you want to be, even if you don’t believe it is possible for you to attain what you want. Your actions will activate the flow of possibilities; inaction will just keep you stuck in the doldrums.

Excerpted from the book Live Your Bliss 2009 by Terry Cole-Whittaker. Printed with permission from New World Library.

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