Spiritual Prescriptions for Success in Examinations

Shri Chamunda Swami

Examinations are the bane of youth in every generation because in educational systems, academic qualifications are obtained only after passing examinations. Even at a young age, students are promoted to higher classes only when they have succeeded in their exams. A student may be brilliant or promising in his studies, but if he is unable to pass an exam, all his brilliance, good preparation, and dedication will be in vain. When a student fails, he begins to be considered inferior by his teachers, parents and classmates. What’s more, while exams may be simple at elementary levels, as the student moves to higher grades, the exam system gets tougher. It is not surprising then that many students are distressed and fearful of exams.

This fear of exams causes a tremendous strain on the student. During, or even before an exam, there is a marked change in conduct and behavior. The student might appear irritated or depressed. If he is naturally an introvert, he may become even more aloof. The strain is such that during an exam, even a brilliant and well-prepared student forgets the right answer to a question he is otherwise able to solve in a jiffy.

Today the pressure and strain on students is such that exams which are otherwise a normal part of the education process, become an occasion for fear and terror. Students are worried about the humiliation they could face in the event of failure. What’s more, many students are not just expected to pass an exam, but to do so with excellent grades. Spiritual treatment may prove to be very useful for such students because it will not only help in getting rid of unwanted fear, but will also be very effective in helping them succeed in their exams.

The first thing apprehensive students should remember is that as long as they are apprehensive, they cannot be successful. Students should concentrate on their studies and prepare for exams in a systematic manner, putting aside any type of stress and strain. They should take their exams with confidence and without fear or pressure. It is important to remember that nobody can succeed in exams without studying and preparing well, and feelings of terror and panic are always harmful.

To enhance confidence and to remove any type of stress about exams, students should sit in meditation posture at least for ten to fifteen minutes everyday. For younger children, parents should promote the practice of meditation and encourage them to meditate for two to three minutes or even for a few seconds to start with, and gradually increase their period of meditation. During meditation, one must maintain full concentration of mind – this can be done by repeating an incantation of “OM.”

A regular practice of meditation will be very helpful for fearful students to experience rays of new hope and enthusiasm, and they will be filled with a new energy and self-confidence.

Chanting of Gayatri mantra (a sacred verse incanted in adoration of Goddess Gayatri) for five times with a necklace of beads is also very effective in securing success in exams and removal of stress. If you don’t wish to use the beads, you can simply chant it for 20-25 minutes.

Adoration of the Goddess Matangi and incantation of sacred verses to respect Her is also helpful. Adoration of Shakti Vinayak Ganesh or incantation of sacred verses to respect Him is also fruitful for students. But it must always be remembered that while incanting sacred verses, rituals must be followed with full dedication, faith and concentration of mind. Without this the entire adoration remains erroneous and has no effect.

Wearing of a flawless and genuine “char mukhi rudraksh” is also very helpful in reducing stress and in promoting concentration. The char mukhi or four-faced rudraksh represents Lord Brahma, and is ruled by the planet Mercury. It increases creative thinking and develops mental strength. It gives the wearer knowledge, facilitates learning, and enhances creative power by the blessings of Lord Brahma. Also, the char mukhi rudraksh removes the negative effects of Mercury and helps develop power of speech. Hence it is very useful in the treatment of “stammering.” It is excellent for students, scientists and professionals in the fields of computers, electronics, or communications.

Wearing of a flawless and genuine “char mukhi rudraksh” is also very helpful in reducing stress and in promoting concentration.

It is important to remember that the above prescriptions are effective only when they are accepted and adopted with appropriate rituals and genuine faith. If someone wants to get success by simply depending on these prescriptions and not studying, he will certainly be disappointed because they cannot take the place of studying and preparation. If adopted along with the right preparation, they will energize the student’s mind, remove all types of strain in his mind about exams, and fill him with self-confidence.

Parents also have a big role to play in removing panic and fear about exams in the minds of students; more so when children are younger. Parents should never put undue pressure about a desired examination result, and if this type of pressure is taking shape in the child’s mind, it must be removed with sincere and positive efforts.

If a student despite studying does not succeed in his exams, or is depressed, or apprehensive of failure, then he should get his star position checked in his horoscope and if there is failure due to hostile positions of stars, he should follow astrological prescriptions in order to bring the stars to a positive position. While following these spiritual prescriptions, students must always remind themselves that they are good in studies, and there is no reason why they should feel panicked about examinations. They will certainly succeed. Always remember, success comes to those who are well-prepared, and full of self-confidence.

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