Amatrra: The Silence of the AUM

Manisha Rathore

What is the connection between Astro- Ayurveda and the silence that occurs duringmeditation, between recurrent chants of Aum?

The word Amatrra means “the silence between recurrent chants of Aum.” Amatrra Spa is the only spa of its kind located in the heart of the capital of India, New Delhi. It integrates astrophysics with Ayurveda and in turn introduces the unique concept of “Astro-Ayurveda,” combining the time-tested ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and Astroscience (Astroveda), with global 21st century technology and equipment, to create harmony and balance individual energy in a spa experience.

As explained by the Amatrra spokesperson, “The underlying wisdom of all our scriptures and healing sciences is that everything is connected in the universe and the end goal of all these techniques is to promote unity, harmony and balance. A ripple at one end has an impact on the other end, based on the Nature’s law of action and reaction. The universe is the macrocosm and the human body is the microcosm, but connected integrally to each other through the five elements and the three Doshas. It is the imbalance in these, which creates illness, disease, discord, unhappiness; and it is the balance, which creates happiness, health, positive vibrations and all good things.”

A combination of astrology and Ayurveda is taken to the next level by customizing the spa regimen to a level of personalization not seen till now, by identifying the most beneficial therapies, oils, mantras and dietary prescriptions, and prescribing aromas, colors for each individual user based on their body constitution and planetary diagnosis.

Awarded the “Best Day Spa in a Hotel,” by the Indian Tourism Ministry and “Best Lifestyle Day Spa,” by the Limca Book of Records, Forbes Traveler has ranked Amatrra Spa as one of India’s Top 10 Spas. A sprawling 20,000 sq. ft sanctuary in the heart of the city, Amatrra features personal therapy rooms, a poolside gymnasium, dedicated yoga and aerobics studios, salons, saunas, relaxation lily pools, restaurant and juice bar. After winning accolades for Amatrra Spa at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, it has now opened its doors at the hotel Le Méridien in the capital.

What is Astroveda?

The universe exerts a powerful influence on our lives. Cosmic energies interact differently with physical and chemical elements in every human body. Amatrra’s specialists use Astroscience to assess the impact of planetary positions on an individual’s health and well-being. Therapies and lifestyle recommendations are formulated accordingly.

The concepts of astrology – the science of the stars where each and every planet exerts an influence on the macrocosm, thereby affecting the microcosm, are taken into consideration when formulating therapies. Each and every sign of the zodiac rules over a part of the body and every planet rules over certain faculties. Every planet in turn rules over an element, an herb, a strain of music, a color, a certain deity (power), certain food types and direction. If a person’s natal and transitory planetary combination is taken into consideration and harmonized by providing a holistic treatment which combines all of these – the music, the herb, the color, the chants, the food and overall holistic advice, it will certainly have an impact of not just healing and rejuvenating, but cleaning the aura, balancing the ethers, and connecting with the higher self.

Ayurveda describes the physical body according to its tissues, systems and organs. However, to change the physical body on a fundamental level we must change the forces that produce it, its energetic electricity or astral background and its magnetic imprint or causal basis. This is also the key to rejuvenation.

Medical astrology is based on the belief that the stars have an important role to play in the functioning of the human body. The stars at the time of birth determine the basic tendencies of the body, and their movement and daily alignment ascertain the day-to-day variations in body functions. They can also warn you about impending threats to your health. Amatrra’s practice of Astroveda combines the knowledge gleaned thus, and the remedies are recommended by the astrophysicist, with the diagnosis and treatments suggested by Ayurvedic doctors to provide holistic healing.

Diagnosis and Treatment

This is perhaps, the only unique spa that offers many lifestyle solutions with an expert panel of Ayurvedic doctors who are proficient in body constitution analysis; and Astroscience specialists – proficient in element analysis. Jointly they recommend therapies, oils, herbs and music.

The Ayurvedic doctors at Amatrra, Dr. Jairam Nair and Dr. Praveen Nair, work in consultation with Pawan Kumar, the astrophysicist. Amatrra offers a unique, prescriptive approach of spa regimens and therapies to provide preventive and curative methods of healing and well-being.

The Astro science specialist uses a very macro approach of the element analysis in the overall diagnosis and treatment. In this science, the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth), and their micro elements (minerals and chemicals) are referred to. This study is a direct reflection of the effect of the cosmos on the atmosphere and the resulting effect on all living beings. It diagnoses the body composition, internal strengths and weaknesses, and focuses on healing illnesses, prevention of disease and longevity of life.

Answering the question about the signature treatment, the spokesperson mentions, “The most unique aspect of our treatments is the process of diagnosis. It forms the very foundation of all our treatments. The analysis of a client’s constitution – not just physical but also the psychosomatic constitution – helps handle and solve problems and ailments, not just from the physical but from the emotional and psychic angle as well. To give you an example, the music and usage of colors also depend on the day and the planetary force that rules that day. Monday is ruled by the Moon, so music and colors related to the planet are more potent on that particular day. To this, we combine the personalized requirement of a client based on their Astroveda analysis, and then the treatment depending on what the client needs most, is recommended. So you can say that each and every treatment is a signature treatment for a particular client, as it is customized and personalized based on their profile, even though it might just be a plain Abhyangam (Ayurvedic body massage).”

The treatment menu consists of a wide range of relaxing and pampering therapies like Stockholm (Swedish massage), Rising Sun (Shiatsu), wild flower (Aromatherapy), Island exotica (Balinese) and Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian). Each treatment is an hour long and costs approximately $70.

The Ayurvedic menu offers a range of Ayurvedic therapies – Abhyangam for rejuvenation, Pizichil, Tharpana, Kadivasti, detox treatments like Choorna Swedanam, Navarakizhi, and several anti-aging, weight loss programs.

This also includes a large and an unimaginable scope of treatments for lifestyle ailments which include hypertension, insomnia, spine disorders and joint aches, for which there are specific packages with a fixed duration of 14 days to 21 days.


Within Amatrra there are temperature controlled therapy suites with shower and dressing areas, steam rooms, sauna rooms, ice-flake dispensers, whirlpools and a meditation room. Additionally, there are two Ayurveda therapy rooms, independent yoga and aerobic rooms. The two features that merit a special mention are the Vichy Shower and the Floatarium.

India is the birthplace of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology. The Amatrra Spa aims at combining the wisdom of these sciences and applying them to healing, relaxation and rejuvenation. Today’s highly strenuous and hectic metropolitan lifestyle, social stress, work pressure and anxiety, coupled with wrong eating habits and incorrect lifestyle, are leading to a complete burnout of the body and mind. While stress levels are increasing at an alarming pace, health problems like insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, lower back problems, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol have become a common feature among today’s generation. Astroveda, a combination of two sciences, both born from Nature and universe, provides a unique insight and therapeutic input by looking towards the cosmos for answers on one hand and integrating Nature’s remedial secrets on the other.

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