Have a Purposeful Life

Dimple Mehta

There is nothing more disheartening than when you realise that life isn’t going your way. May be you aren’t good enough, feeling unworthy of the things that you want in life, and above all the feeling of no hope for what lies ahead for you in life. 

I have experienced these emotions too where I felt that life isn’t what I wanted it to be. Nothing was going right for me. My life felt like a punishment. I was struggling to believe that anything can go right for me from here. 

I always wanted to achieving my dreams and become happy in my life but I wasn’t able to see anything positive coming my way. There were many unanswered questions within. 

When will my dreams become my reality? When will I have a better, happy and more purposeful life? When will I achieve the success that I know I am deserving of? What more do I need to do? Why is my life going out of my hands?

In my confusion I was in conversation with a friend of mine and all she said was “Prove it”. If you believe in yourself and you think you have what it takes! Then prove it. Who is stopping you? 

That one changed me forever. I realised life is never going to be how we dream of it. But we can have the best life possible in the given circumstances if we work towards achieving our dreams. You will never change your ways until you have truly had enough of the doubts and fears that you are experiencing. 

You can never grow if you have the positive mindset towards life. Negative emotions or thinking will only make things worse. 


Achieving your dreams is possible. Look out for people who have already achieved theirs. Be mindful about your surroundings, people you call friends. If you move in a circle of achievers, positive and happy people your chances of being happy and motivated are much higher. 

If you want change in your life, then you need to prove it to yourself and only for yourself. Only you can change your life. Words have power, but actions speak louder than words. Unless you take the initiative in your life and actually strive to achieve the things that you want, those desires will never become your reality. Talking about the things that you desire is only part of the process. The other part is actually working towards achieving them. Have a purposeful life.

A parenting expert and a Mindfulness n Character Strength Coach, Dimple Mehta holds a 15 years+ experience in the space of Parenting and Happiness. She is working with Parents, Children and Teachers to gain a positive perspective towards life and helping them recognise their strengths leading to a improved sense of contentedness. Dimple with her team at Soul Diets are working with various Schools, institutions, Corporates, NGO’s and foundations in the same space. www.souldiets.com

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