Achieving Excellence in Life

By: Chamunda Swamiji

This is the age of technology. There is a great demand for certain kinds of talent and expertise, specifically aimed at raising efficiency. Therefore, the face of education has changed, especially when compared to earlier times, and students are showing a growing interest in technical education. To gain technical excellence as well as competence, students are taught specialized courses in different technical fields of their choice. Such technically competent people are able to considerably widen their scope of attracting numerous job opportunities. Medicine and engineering are two good examples. A student can gain technical expertise by studying the specialized sub-fields within these major fields.

In order to specialize in these courses, deep study and thought are required. However, to make your study more effective and attain field-specific expertise, there are several spiritual and devotional methods that can be recommended to yield good results. These are methods that lend support to efforts made at the material/physical level and help in materializing those into a reality. Specialization in a technical field and competence in your chosen field is possible with one of the many spiritual ways or methods – reverence and devotion to Baglamukhi Devi is an important one. This special form of reverence enables the student to attain knowledge and helps remove obstacles in the way of a successful career, thus enabling him to reach his goal.

The Baglamukhi form of the Goddess is one of the forms of the primordial manifestation of Bhagvati Devi herself. Bhagvati Devi manifests in different forms to save the world from distress and to fulfil her devotees’ wishes. The Baglamukhi (water heron) form is one of the ten knowledge manifestations of Bhagvati Devi that are worshipped in order to gain knowledge. The Baglamukhi is the eighth knowledge form of the Devi; it is the form that helps people get mastery over the discipline of their choice.

Worshipping and praying to Baglamukhi Devi helps you gain fame and prestige and you can overcome your worst enemy – your fears. It is also performed for one’s protection and to overcome one’s fears. People often take recourse to this Devi to win court cases and resolve disputes. Therefore, most of her devotees see the tamasik or gross energy/side of her nature, that which decisively crushes enemies, but this is only the partial truth. In its full meaning, the Baglamukhi Devi is sidhdatri or ‘one who bestows mastery/excellence’ and she is vaishnavi and sattvik, non-violent and vegetarian by nature. She took on this specific form when Lord Vishnu had performed prayers and intense meditation or tapasya, in order to prevent the destruction of all Creation. It is wrong to think of her as a tamasik force; indeed, it is a grave insult to her.

Since Baglamukhi Devi removes obstacles and adverse situations strewn in a devotee’s path, and grants mastery over specific knowledge, praying to her will help one excel in thier chosen field. In the shastras, this Devi is known to be the giver of all knowledge associated with the human world and with all means of creature comforts. With this aim in mind, the following prayer is said:

Om Halreem Baglamukhi Mam Sarva
Dushtanam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhaya Jivhaam
Kilai Buddhim Vinashai Halreem Om Swaha

“O Goddess, remove all the obstacles in my progress.
If any negativity or any negative people are stopping my progress, please bless them to think positive thoughts about me. If anyone talks ill of others, please bless his tongue so that he says positive words.”

The shastras have mentioned different ways/prayers to address Bhagvati Devi: mantra (chanted word/verse/lines), puja (rituals), path (chanting of sacred verses for several hours/ days) and upasana (prayer). The most effective and powerful form of worship is the tantrik way, but for students, chanting the mantra with faith and sincere devotion is not any less effective. There are several mantras that can be chanted, but the best one for students is:

Om Baglamukhi
Cha Vidhmahey Stambhaya
Cha Dhee-mahi
Tano Devi Pracho-Dyat

This is the Baglamukhi Gayatri Mantra. Students should religiously chant this mantra, every morning and night, seated before her picture. They should chant it five, eleven or twenty-one times with the aid of a japa mala (prayer beads). They should also chant the mantra for a while before starting to study. If you don’t have a picture of Baglamukhi Devi, then a picture of Durga Devi will suffice and prayers can be said keeping Baglamukhi Devi’s visage in mind. Her mercy will grant you sharper memory and she will help remove obstacles from your path.

Baglamukhi Devi is the giver of mastery and excellence. Whichever way you venerate her, if it is done with complete faith and devotion, then the sadhana (worship) is effective

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