Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desires

By: Deepak Chopra

As the New Year begins, you may be filled with fresh energy and inspiration for everything you want to experience, create, and achieve in the months ahead. Perhaps you are dreaming about starting a new business, going back to school, traveling to Bali, or spending more time with your family. Maybe your heart longs for a romantic relationship or the chance to express your creativity. Just for a moment, take this opportunity to ask yourself:

What do I want? What do I truly, deeply desire?

Let the answers drift effortlessly to the surface of
your mind without rejecting any as impossible or
impractical. Now choose one of your desires and ask
yourself: Why do I want what I want? If you want to
lose twenty pounds, ask yourself why you have that
desire. You may answer, “I want to look more attractive,
fit into fashionable clothes, be healthier, have more energy”
and so on.

By: Deepak Chopra

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