7th Festival of India Oct. 2-4, Grugliasco, Italy

A mega celebration of Yoga, Ayurveda, Spirituality and India was held in a conference with 160 presenters from 16 countries, in Grugliasco, Italy. It was a remarkable experience for the presenters and the students. The spiritual heads from various countries and traditions came together to discuss “Yoga as the Main Platform” for union and peace among nations. Dr. Indu Arora, board member of the World Yoga Council, was invited from Chicago and represented the U.S. An enormous gathering of people for the “Fire Ceremony” and “Samkalpa,” the celebration of 196 flags of nations, and the birth and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, were the highlights of this 3-day event.

Left : Delegates from various countries.

Right : Indu Arora with HH Mahamandaleshwar Gayatri Devi (Emy B).

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