Tamaya: Experience Tranquility

By: Chitra Ramaswamy

Tamaya Spa is all about leaving behind your unwanted baggage of stress, tension and anxiety and taking flight to a world where serenity envelops you in its gentle caress.

Tamaya Spa is all about leaving behind your unwanted baggage of stress, tension and anxiety and taking flight to a world where serenity envelops you in its gentle caress. Enter the world of tranquility, to the sounds of soft instrumental music and a décor that is earthy, cool and relaxing. Oak veneer and Travertine Italian marble blend well with the soft lighting, giving the appearance of trapping the first colors of dawn. Few select pieces of art in earthy, ochre shades, aesthetically adorn the passageways and therapy rooms to complete the picture.

Launched by Jaypee Vasant Continental in 2008 in association with Pevonia Botanica, USA, Tamaya is derived from Sanskrit, to mean a flowering tree, an altar and incarnation. Together, these meanings of Tamaya represent the essence of what the Spa stands for, “Life.” Pevonia Botanica is an elite spa-care line chosen by prestigious spas worldwide. The products have been manufactured after years of research and they do not contain any artificial colors, fragrances, lanolin or mineral oil, and are totally free of alcohol and para-amino-benzoic-acid.

Tamaya is a brand with Jaypee hotels in two locations in New Delhi: Vasant International and Hotel Siddharth. Tamaya offers a spectrum of authentic and traditional wellness treatments that is an amalgam of Oriental and Western body therapies, massages and high performance facials. Indian traditional hospitality combines with modern systems and processes to provide guests an out-of-the-world experience.


The body therapies include a silky smooth Body Scrub, Moroccan Rassoul Body Wrap, aromatic, anti-fatigue Moor Mud, Green Coffee Slimming Body Wrap, Desert Heat Body Wrap and Detox Thallasso Wrap. The Moor Mud anti fatigue therapy uses black magma, a warm aromatic moor mud that is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This treatment has been found to be particularly beneficial for those individuals who are prone to chronic pain, fatigue, and suffer pains caused by injuries, stress, rheumatism and arthritis.

Whether the products are made from volcanic ash, various kinds of mud, green coffee, or seaweed, they are all naturally occurring components that act on the skin to detoxify, re-mineralize, hydrate and exfoliate the skin, thus rendering it smooth and silky, and vastly improving its tone and texture. They cleanse the skin and body, ridding it of stress and fatigue.

Modern lifestyles demand more than simple traditional skincare. Recognizing this need, Tamaya offers well researched spa inspired products, treatments and services that harness the best of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, thalasso therapy and mud therapy. The massage techniques, product selections and applications are specifically tailored to each guest, offering soothing treatments based on individual needs.

Pampering for Men

The urban male is as much interested in looking good and wanting to feel good in present times as are women. They seek not only wellness treatments like massages of different kinds, but also grooming treatments and products designed especially for them. Tamaya has come up with a specialized caviar treatment for men in association with Pevonia. Skin Fit Caviar for Men is aimed at providing respite to the male skin that is adversely impacted by the routine aggression of shaving, razor burns, environmental pollution, photo damage, free radicals, lines and wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity. It is packaged at approximately $100 per facial.

Myoxy Caviar Anti-Aging Facial and Timeless Rejuvenation, yet again for men, available as a package for $150 is an enriching anti-aging treatment that lavishes the skin with pure caviar pearl extracts to reduce wrinkles and strengthen elasticity. It augments oxygenation of the skin and reduces anti-aging signs.

Tamaya’s other facials include several menus: Deep Cleansing Facial for all skin types; Oxygenating Facial with Optimal ‘C’ Complex for dull, damaged skin; High Performance Freeze Dried Anti-Aging Treatment to firm up loose skin, tighten open pores and free the skin from wrinkles; Specialized Lightening Treatment that serves as a preventive hyper pigmentation treatment; Plantomer Facial which is a soothing facial to calm red, irritated and sensitive skin; Anti Free Radical for dry and dehydrated skin, and several others.

The Sabai Stone Therapy is one of the unique treatments being offered by Tamaya. Sabai, which means well-being in Thai, is done with granite stones. Granite being non-porous is completely hygienic, safe and bacteria-free. A special micro-emulsified mineral oil of Malachite and Zincite is used for this massage to nourish the skin and also de-stress the entire body – body, mind and soul.

The Swedish and Balinese massages, through gentle, yet firm and long flowing strokes, use a combination of techniques in conjunction with aromatic oils to detoxify the body and restore its balance, augmenting blood circulation and oxygenating the blood supply. The soft tissues are manipulated against the bones and the tensed muscles ease under the gentle touch.

Pevonia products have been particularly sought after by Tamaya for their profound action for various skin types. The most wonderful aspect of Pevonia is that the products are customized, not simply to suit skin types based on oily, dry or a combination of the two, but keeping in mind the gradations within each skin type.

Treatments offered at Tamaya are provided by highly trained, certified skin care specialists who select specific in-spa facial and body treatments, customized as per the individual requirement of clients and after detailed analysis of the clients’ health status and history.

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