Three Graces – Indulgence with Grace

Suruchi Honavar

New Delhi, the capital of India, famous for its architecture and heritage buildings – from the Mughal and colonial era, has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing (forts, national monuments); shopping (vibrant handloom textiles, ethnic boutiques, exquisite arts and crafts); and international and local cuisine to tempt every palate. The city is the perfect showcase for India’s richness and diversity. New Delhi also has some of the most authentic and luxurious spas in the country.

You can leave the hustle and bustle, chaos, and stress of the city behind when you step into the Three Graces Lifestyle Spa – an exquisite experience in the heart of New Delhi. Beautifully designed with a soothing and relaxing interior, Three Graces is the one stop for all wellness and beauty needs, from yoga and meditation to weight training and Pilates to beauty and hair as well as facial rejuvenation.

There is an interesting story behind the name… According to Greek mythology, Three Graces were the three goddesses of joy, charm, and beauty. The daughters of the god Zeus, they presided over banquets, dances, and all other memorable social events, and brought joy and goodwill to both gods and mortals. At Three Graces Spa, they have interpreted the three goddesses as their pillars: Body – the first Grace, Beauty – the second, and Grace Lifestyle – the third Grace.

Three Graces is closely affiliated with the renowned holistic and innovative Astro-Ayurvedic Amattra Spa. They are both owned by the Mayar Group, well-known for their expertise in the hospitality and spa industry. The Group’s attention to detail; putting their customers first; and offering the finest in wellness and beauty has got them great acclaim.


Beauty and spa treatments

Combining the latest technology, finest products, top experts in the fields of Ayurveda and fitness, and age-old wisdom of holistic beauty, Three Graces has a wide range of treatments to nourish the face, hair and body. They are often customized to suit the clients’ needs and requirements. Their signature treatments include:

Creamy wonder for dry skin: A gentle face cleansing with oat scrub exfoliation treatment followed by a rich Aloe Vera and Chamomile cream massage, finished by applying a rich, moisturizing honey face mask.

Pearl sensation facial: Luxuriate in the global anti-aging treatment from Germaine de Capuccini that favors skin cell rebirth. Created with an advanced combination of ingredients that include Optimal Cellular Essence, Pearl Powder, Hydrolyzed Nacre and Cashmere Extract, this facial helps in reactivating the skin’s natural functions.

Fresh from the kitchen: A blend of fruits, vegetables and spices is used to cure skin and hair conditions. Discover the true essence of freshness from this treatment inspired by fruits, herbs, and the goodness of Green and Chamomile tea.


Aura balance hand ritual: An aromatherapy that balances the body’s full chakra system.

The Savasana hand ritual: An Ayurvedic massage focusing on the Marma points.

Island earth ginger foot ritual: A soak in a flower bath of orchids and Mandarin essential oil followed by an exfoliating bath scrub of 21 mineral salts and Thai-inspired foot and leg massage. A vitamin-enriched moisturizer infused with warming Indonesian Ginger essential oil is then applied to finish the ritual.

Three Graces offers holistic solutions for complete wellness. They specialize in Ayurvedic treatments such as Abhyanga, Choorna Sweedanam, Shirodhara; and other massages, ranging from aromatherapy to pain management to postpartum massages.

Hair care

Three Graces also specializes in hair treatments and packs to prevent hair loss, and strengthen and moisturize hair. The conditioning pack for falling hair is an application of a blend of soya protein with essential oils and other vegetable and nut oils, which stimulate and nourish the hair shaft. Jojoba oil with essential oils balances the PH of the scalp and ensures a bacteria-free scalp.

Highlighted and colored hair often gets dry and brittle. Deep conditioning is provided by Jojoba, Cocoa Butter, Evening Primrose oil and a blend of essential oils. This blend also helps to make the hair soft and manageable.


Lifestyle management

Good health is the key to true and lasting beauty. Understanding this fundamental concept, Three Graces also has complete health and ailment management services. It has on-site nutrition, and diet and fitness experts for consultation. The experts treat a wide array of ailments, ranging from diabetes to hypothyroidism to hormone balancing. The Spa also has a state-of-the-art fitness center for regular workouts and extensive yoga programs.

So make some time to decompress and heal at Three Graces. Pamper yourself, relax with their various treatments and massages…and step out feeling beautiful – inside and out.

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