Identify and Remove Negative Energies in Your Home through Simple Vaastu Steps

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao

Everyone experiences energies. We can feel happy and energetic by meeting someone or feel rejuvenated just by a change of location. There are times when we say, that a particular day is gloomy, or we get the beat. We may not have to be great experts to feel energies but if you are seeing some telltale signs of negative energies, then it is time to eradicate them with some simple Vaastu tips.

How do we identify that there could be negative energies at your home?

Before we analyse this, we must keep in mind that we ourselves should not become a recipient and transmitter of negative energies. Negative thoughts in the form of jealousy, criticizing others, being quarrelsome, gluttony, lethargy, etc…should be avoided. Evolution as a better human- is a daily activity and it is important to note that it is we who affect our environment and vice-versa.

Below are some indicative signs of understanding that negative energies are indeed floating around:

  • Chronic health problem of a family member, who may not be responding to treatment
  • Work or good opportunities getting stuck or getting snatched away repeatedly just at the final stage of fructification
  • Success seeming far away and desired results not being materialised
  • Feeling lethargic all the time and not having focus or the will to do anything despite loads of opportunities around
  • A zero-state of thinking
  • Repetitive negative thoughts or thinking of suicide
  • Erratic, irrational or unpredictable behavior by member(s) of the family, in response to simple/straight stimulus
  • Repeated quarrels within the family or team members at work
  • Unprecedented and illogical happenings in the house (which could be resultant of the existence of certain negative supernatural forces or some kind of black magic being deployed)

The existence of such negativities could be a resultant of some gross Vaastu doshas (Spatial and construction anomalies) like severe Vaastu defects specifically in South to West region or having a wrong location for the abode of your God in South to West and/or in the center of the Vaastu. Apart from that, keeping your home unclean, cluttered, with lot of unused, damaged, broken items/objects strewn around could actually become a breeding ground for negative and stagnant energies.  But the answer to eradication of such energies is found in our very own ancient science of Vaastu Shastra.

Here are some tips on how we can remove negativity from our homes using Vaastu Tips.

Remove negativity from your homes with these simple steps:

Cleanliness and remedies

Keep the entrance of your house clean! This tip not only helps to keep the negative energy away but helps to create a good first impression for your guests. You can also add small plants at the entrance of your house to make it look more inviting. It is essential that not only your house is clean and tidy from inside but outside as well. Therefore you must make sure to clean the entrance of your house regularly.

  • A mixture of water with lemon juice, salt and white vinegar should be used for wiping door knobs and windows. Afterwards, pour sea salt at all entrances and cover it with a doormat to prevent negative energy from entering the premise.
  • While mopping the floor, a pinch of sea salt should be added to the water (except on Thursdays). This remedy helps in destroying the negative energy of the house or place of work.
  • To ward off evil eyes, you can take a pinch of salt in your hand and move it over the head of the person affected thrice (can be done for 2-3 days at a stretch). The salt should be thrown out of the house.
  • Salt can be used for business purposes too and this salt-remedy can be also used to increase sales – put a piece of salt in a red cloth and hang it in the store or office. This will protect the stores and businesses from evil eyes. This will gradually increase profits for both office and home.
  • Negative energies of bathrooms and toilets can be also removed by a simple Vaastu step – According to Vaastu Shastra, both glass and salt are factors of Rahu. Therefore, a cup of glass filled with salt should be kept in the toilet and bathroom in the house. This remedy helps in removing such Vaastu defects.
  • If the relation between a husband and wife is strained and they are having some kind of conflict or mental disturbance, then a piece of rock-salt in one corner of the bed would help. It will remove negative energy. Remember to replace this piece after a few months.

Burning of Sage and Agarbattis


  • Lighting of Agarbatti (incense sticks) and Dhoop can amplify the auspicious energies. The Agarbattis and Dhoops should be shown to every nook and corner of the house twice daily and this will help us reduce the negative energy and promote a healthy and energetic life.
  • Burning “sage or smudge sticks“ and spreading its smoke in anti- clockwise manner in each and every corner of the premise could also help in removing negative energies.

Use of colours and crystals

  • Use of crystals like Amethysts, black tourmaline and many such eradicates negative energies.
  • Colours have always impacted the energies at home and Vaastu Shastra says that some colours are very impactful in inviting positive energies at home. Every direction of our premise is influenced with particular colours. However anti-colour gives rise to negative energy. Blue in NW, N, NE, green in East, orange in SE, red in South, red+ yellow in SW and dark blue in West are the ideal colours.

Benefits of religious symbols, items and use of prayers and chants


  • Placing of religious items, like pyramid Yantras and idols or pictures of Gods invite auspicious energies. The ideal location of the Pooja room should be in the North East to make it Vaastu compliant.
  • Religious and auspicious symbols like elephants can also be placed in strategic locations to enhance and amplify the entry and thriving of positive energies in the premises.
  • Auspicious sounds like those of bells, conches, cymbals should be encouraged. These are helpful in destroying negative and stagnant energies from the premise.
  • Chanting mantras by self or through electronic gadgets are very powerful means of neutralising negative energies.
  • Applying Yantra with Mantra under the guidance of experts is another powerful way of eliminating bad energies from one’s surroundings.

Angel meditation, reiki and such neo spiritual methods can also help in eradicating negative energies. Negative energies also increase exponentially, if there are pictures or paintings depicting moroseness or sadness. Artifacts or sculptures of terrifying dispositions…can also increase negativity without your knowledge. So does broken glasses, mirrors, broken images or idols of Gods and cactus plants. Negative energies are easy to feel and there are ways and methods to eradicate them with some simple and at times with complex steps. Having said that, there could be times when all scientific efforts to resolve the problems would fail. At those times one can use the Dowsing Method or can get the premises checked by experts. Such remedies should always be under expert guidance!

Note: Complex negative energies like those of black magic/ghosts/demonic forces will need to be treated differently and with the aid and guidance of experts.

About Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra, the metaphysical edifice science of Indian origin, is a science of construction that synchronizes balance between human life and nature. The five basic elements (namely space, air, fire, water and earth), the eight directions (namely North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West, North-West), the electro-magnetic and gravitational forces of the Earth, the cosmic energy emanating from the planets as well as the atmosphere and its influence on human life are all taken into consideration in the science of Vaastu Shastra.

Dr-RavirajDr. Raviraj Ahirrao, a pioneer in the field of Vaastu Shastra, has been awarded Doctorate (Ph.D) for his research work in the subject from International Open University Colombo. He has done extensive study in the beneficial application of Vaastu techniques for human welfare and has developed effective remedies to neutralize Vaastu deficiencies. He has also presented several research papers in many professional forums in India and abroad. In 2008 he established Vaastu Shastra Education and Research Foundation (Trust) and a couple of years later he formed Sunraj Manufacturing and Marketing Pvt. Ltd. He is also the founder of Vasturaviraj Design Pvt. Ltd, founded in the year 2011.

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