Be Charming Forever

Dimple Mehta

How do you keep smiling always? How do you balance emotions? Don’t you meet difficult people in life who make you feel worthless? Don’t you get betrayed or cheated? How the hell are you managing all this? How come you don’t hate anyone…even when you know how wrong they’ve been to you? Do u fake that smile? Is your charm for real?


I have been asked these questions time and again!

I really feel that the only way to have a balanced, peaceful and beautiful life is by being “Charming”. One needs to work on their own “Charm” …their own unique way of dealing with things in life.


We generally react to situations basis what we have been told. For example – If your child isn’t scoring well…he is “less” than the others. You believe this and then just react. You get depressed or you punish your child. But you need to have the charm to mindfully think about it and then respond.

Similarly the definition of beauty is defined…and we fall for it. We react by crying over colour, weight, age, grey hair or whatever. But be charming enough to redefine beauty, in your own way.

You are not anyone’s shadow here that you will have to be how the other person wants you to be. Your “Charm” has to be your own “Sun n Shade”.

“Your Charm should possess the strength of your character”

Make_peace_2_DimpleA parenting expert and a Mindfulness n Character Strength Coach, Dimple Mehta holds a 15 years+ experience in the space of Parenting and Happiness. She is working with Parents, Children and Teachers to gain a positive perspective towards life and helping them recognise their strengths leading to a improved sense of contentedness. Dimple with her team at Soul Diets are working with various Schools, institutions, Corporates, NGO’s and foundations in the same space.

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