Good Energy with Feng Shui

By: Pandit Gopal Sharma

Scientists have proven that everything in existence is made up of energy called chi and everything around us is constantly interacting with this energy within us; which can either be positive or negative. Feng Shui can help transform the negative energy within a living space into positive energy.

Feng Shui provides a new perspective for viewing life and the space in which we live and work. Its principles recognize the influence of nature and energy in the environment, using our understanding of how energy in living and working spaces impacts and affects the quality of our lives. Feng Shui creates spaces that are in alignment with our own sense of harmony and serenity. It allows us to alter and use the energy of our environment to our best advantage; improving not just the aesthetics but also the feeling of our surroundings. Achieving a harmonious balance of energy in a space, allows us to flow more easily towards achieving all that we want.

Following are the tools that can increase the overall positive energy of a house and office immediately.

Plants – For Growth

Plants play an important role in Feng Shui because they bring a life force into the home and help to keep the air fresh. Plants in and around the house are sources of balance and prosperity since green is the color of growth and harmony.

Depending on their shape, plants create different types of energy. Upright plants with pointed leaves are yang, and are useful in the South side of your home or office and in corners to move energy. Plants with round leaves and drooping plants are more yin and calming, and best placed in the North.

Plants should be healthy as sick plants, or those with pale color, or those which shed leaves and flowers profusely, will create stagnant energy.

Some of the flowers with special significance in Feng Shui are:

  • Jasmine is the plant of friendship.
  • Chrysanthemums bring happiness.
  • Peonies are emblems of good fortune, long life and love when placed in the Southwest zone.
  • Narcissus is for good luck.
  • Irises come in the exact shade of purple to activate your wealth corner i.e. Southeast zone.
  • Lotus is a sacred flower and brings peace, purity and spiritual growth.
  • Red geraniums are believed to attract prosperity and are popular Feng Shui flowers.
  • Sunflowers can bring brightness and enthusiasm in life.
  • Lilies are regarded as an emblem of abundance.

Mirror – For Balance

Mirrors are powerful Feng Shui tools because their reflective quality has the effect of sending shar chi (negative energy) back to its origin. Mirrors also widen narrow, cramped corners and extend walls to make up for missing corners. However, they should be used carefully. They must not reflect the main door, nor should they reflect toilets. Mirrors are auspicious in dining rooms. They should not reflect the bed in the bedroom.

Mirrors are especially useful in small spaces where they apparently double the size of the area. Bagua mirrors are used to protect a house from malignant energies which may attack the occupants. They are used on front doors to deflect the influence of negative energy sources such as harsh corners, tall objects, penetrating roads, roadside trees or poles, cables etc. Bagua mirrors represent a yin energy cycle and should not be hung inside the house as they will affect the energies of the occupants.

At home and in the office, the mirrors used in the Northeast, North or East help in enhancing education prospects, peace, career and family growth. But placing mirrors in the South, Southeast or Southwest walls destroys health, reputation and harmony.

Color – For Harmony

Color is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your space with Feng Shui. Each color is an expression of one of the basic five Feng Shui elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The elements are used in specific areas according to the energy map of your space.

This Feng Shui color guide will help you choose the best colors to create a harmonious and prosperous Feng Shui home. Choose the Feng Shui colors according to the energy you need and bring them into your space with wall color, art, photography, or various other decorative items.

Fire – Passion and High Energy

A balanced Feng Shui fire element in your space will bring supporting energy in all your career efforts and will help you achieve recognition. Fire is the Feng Shui element of the South. Suggested Feng Shui fire element colors are: Red, Orange, Pink, strong Yellow.

Earth – Nourishment and Stability

A strong and harmonious Feng Shui earth element in your home will help create stability, nourishment and protection for all your relationships. Earth is the Feng Shui element of the Northeast, Southwest and center of your home. Suggested earth element colors are: Yellow, Beige, Brown.

Metal – Clarity and Preciseness

Feng Shui metal element brings the qualities of sharpness, precision, clarity and efficiency; its balanced presence will help you live with clarity and lightness. Metal is the Feng Shui element of the West and Northwest. Keeping pictures of helpful people adds mentors in our lives. Having awards, certificates and details of clients help in multiplying the same. Suggested metal element colors are: Gray, White, Gold, Silver.

Water – Ease, Freshness and Abundance

A harmonious Feng Shui water element will bring a refreshing energy of calm, ease, purity and freshness. Water is also the ancient symbol of abundance, thus a potent Feng Shui cure. It is the Feng Shui element of the North. Water element is also good to use in the East and Southeast areas of your space which need correction as the Southeast is the zone of fire which is inimical to water. Suggested Feng Shui water element colors are: Blue, Black.

Wood – Health and Vitality

Lush and healing, the Feng Shui wood element will bring the energy of health, vitality and growth. It is also an expression of abundance, thus an ancient Feng Shui cure for wealth and prosperity. Wood is the Feng Shui element of the East and Southeast areas of your space. The wood element is also good to use in the South zones. Feng Shui wood element colors are: Green, Brown.

Fountains or Waterfalls

Moving water is a symbol of money and splendor. Even the picture of a waterfall/water body in a house or business premises leads to happiness, riches, wealth and mutual love in the family. Such pictures should be avoided in the bedroom to ensure mutual understanding and harmony between a couple.

The best areas to have a fountain are the following:

  • East zone – Health and family
  • Northeast zone – Prosperity and abundance
  • North zone – Cash flow and career growth

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are popular in Feng Shui for attracting chi with their movement and conversion of wind energy into a pleasant, tinkling sound energy. Wind chimes add to new clients, new information and achievements in business. Their sound should be very pleasing. Wind chimes help to enhance good vibrations that can boost your fame, career and health.
For enhancement in the results of the West and Northwest zones, one should have a wind chime made of metal. Wind chimes made of bamboo and wood are good as enhancers in the East and Southeast, while wind chimes made from glass/ clay/ceramics can be used in the Southwest.

Five-rod wind chimes are preferred in the Southwest and mainly used for protection from unwanted energy flow. Six-rod yellow/golden wind chimes are used for the Northwest zone to add helpful people in your life, whereas seven-rod white/silver wind chimes are preferred in the West zones for adding restfulness and calm in life. Normally, five-rod wooden/bamboo wind chimes are used in the East/ Southeast zones, but four-rod wind chimes must be avoided in any zone.


Crystals or glass chandeliers are a perfect Feng Shui enhancement because they combine beautiful lighting with the chi-enhancing properties of many light catching facets. Crystals/crystal balls fill the entire room with rays of positive energy. Crystals are a strong earth element which can be used in the Southwest zone to help you reach your goal of solidifying business partnerships, attracting a spouse, or strengthening the bonds of any important relationship. They also help to improve the chances of sudden profitability by speculation and rekindle the luck factor.

Rose quartz is successfully used to enhance love, romance and marriage prospects. If your child tends to get overexcited easily and has trouble focusing or concentrating, crystals can be very helpful in his/her room.

Wearing a bracelet, pendant or mala made of crystal is also a very powerful way of adding concentration, strength and stability in one’s life, especially for those who are missing the numbers 2, 5 and 8 in their birth details (date, month and year of birth).

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