Ensure a Healthy Mind through Vaastu Shastra

Dr Aarushi Sadhotra

Materialistic approach to life, competition and race to be the better among all, has taken a toll on human’s peace of mind, body and overall health. In the rat race of earning money, humans forget that if money could buy health and happiness, there would never be sadness in anyone’s life.

Peace of mind and a happy heart and soul, are desired by each and every one of us. However, we do not pay even slight attention to the basic things in our day to day lives and knowingly/unknowingly, invite all kinds of negativity in our houses, which impacts our lives by disturbing the harmony of five elements within our house and also in our body.

Human body is a machine and needs maintenance in form of rest to continue working efficiently and a sound sleep of 6-8 hours ensures that. Often we forget that it is not the duration or hours of sleep that matters but the quality of sleep. Sleeping position is generally ignored by one and all and is not given much importance whereas Vaastu asserts on the importance of sleeping positions and vouch for it as one of the main reason for disturbed sleep, morning fatigue or sluggish days.


Sleeping for about 6-8 hours is essential but more important is the sleeping position and environment because it is the only time when our body is stable at a particular location and position for a long stretch altogether and gets most affected by the energies surrounding the bed. Head towards South or East is the best position recommended by Vaastu Shastra which ensures peace of mind. West can be used too at times but head in North is a stern no, as prolonged usage of this direction can cause various brain and head related problems. Reason behind is that human blood has iron in it, which gets effected by the electromagnetic waves around it. Head at the North Pole of human body and electromagnetic waves of earth’s North Pole start repelling each other, when we sleep with head in North. Over a period of time because of the repulsion process, we get frequent headaches, sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, and cholesterol problems. Sleeping in South means a sound sleep, calmness and tranquillity and when you have a wholesome sleep you will feel peace of mind spontaneously.

Sometimes even sleeping with head in South or East direction also doesn’t seem to help people, in such cases positioning of bed should be changed from one place to another, without compromising on the head positioning. At times because of negative telluric energies, one has sleepless nights or disturbed sleep, so such locations are to be avoided.

Using wrought iron bed or steel bed is another reason that people complaint of disturbed peace of mind, body aches, bad dreams abd stress. Using such bed means attracting lot of electromagnetic radiations, which keeps passing through the body as long as one is on the bed. Similarly keeping electronic or metal items in the box bed and sleeping over them is incorrect. Another major reason for lost peace of mind or stressed life is a kitchen in North or North-East which burns out all the positive energies coming in from North and East directions, resulting into fatigue, loss of will, lethargy and then slowly moving towards depression. Vaastublessings advises to follow basic vaastu principals to lead a wholesome life. It may not earn you billion of rupees but it is sure to bring you a positive life with happiness and health. A Vaastu compliant house means guaranteeing physical, mental and spiritual growth of the family residing in it.

Healthy_Mind_3_aarushiDr. Aarushi Sadhotra is a post graduate in Management and after working for a decade in HR Department of Telecom industry she found her calling in – “Vaastu Shastra”. After completing Ph.D. in Vaastu, she pursued few years of extensive research in Vaastu science and practiced under expert’s supervision, and that’s when she founded “Vaastublessings” – a consultancy for people seeking advices on Vaastu for commercial and residential complexes. Vaastublessings provides onsite as well as off- site consultation in India and overseas. Dr Aarushi is an author as well and has been writing articles for various publications.

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