Try Yourself for Help and Support

Dimple Mehta

I smile every day. But I’m not always happy. It’s actually not possible. None of us is living a fairytale life. We are real people with real situations and struggles. So it’s natural to experience setbacks, failures, disapprovals and sometimes things going all wrong for us. Sometimes we deal with all of it ourselves. Sometimes if we are fortunate we get answers from our friends or loved ones. But depending upon others… No matter how close they are they make us loose our trust in ourselves. We start seeking approvals. We don’t even realise that our dependency is becoming a matter of trouble for our friends or family. We tend to forget that “No One” is available for us 24*7. The other person has a life of his own too. It feels like that we have become a burden for them.

So what should we do?

Simple !!


Every time you need support instead of turning to your friends try yourself for help and support. Look at the situation as a third person and smile as if you know how to come out of it. Smile and appreciate that you are capable enough to deal with it. Remind yourself that good things don’t come easy and if you are going through this phase their is something much much better waiting right there for you. And above all always thank God for what he has blessed you with. Because believe it or not he knows what’s best for you and he will soon surprise you. So smile my friend and see the world changing for you … This is life and nothing can or will teach you better.


A parenting expert and a Mindfulness n Character Strength Coach, Dimple Mehta holds a 15 years+ experience in the space of Parenting and Happiness. She is working with Parents, Children and Teachers to gain a positive perspective towards life and helping them recognise their strengths leading to a improved sense of contentedness. Dimple with her team at Soul Diets are working with various Schools, institutions, Corporates, NGO’s and Foundations in the same space.


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