Boost Your Finances with Feng Shui

Pt. Gopal Sharma:

Feng Shui is the study of arranging your environment to enhance your life since your environment is either supporting you or draining you, each minute of every day. Feng Shui teaches you to enhance the energy of your environment to make living happier and more comfortable.
The environment not only reflects your consciousness, but also the flow of energy in your home and workplace. It determines the overall quality of your life and its outcome.

By balancing the energy in your environment, your own self will be in harmony, and thus you will attract more helpful people and better career opportunities. Because we spend a lot of time in our workplaces, these spaces have a huge influence in our lives. In other words, your environment indirectly determines the type of relationships, finances, career opportunities, etc. you attract.

The Feng Shui tips given below will support you in creating prosperity and balance in your work.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter is like emotional constipation – it bogs you down. Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved or unorganized material. Filing cabinets need to be regularly purged and desktops kept clutter free. When you clear your clutter, you create space for new things and your energy and creativity increases. There is a difference between clutter and stored items. Stored items should, however, be filed away or stored neatly in a cabinet or closet to allow the free flow of energy.

Command Position

Your desk should be in the “command position.” You should have a view of the room and the door without being in direct line of the door or a main walkway. Sitting in front of a door puts you in the center of rushing chi, which can adversely affect your career – adding dissatisfaction at work.

It’s just as bad to sit with your back to the door, where you may feel as if you are under attack by your co-workers. If you can’t move your desk but are facing a wall, place a mirror on the wall or desk or on your computer monitor to enable you to see behind you. This puts you in a command position, where you can see what is coming at you – both literally and figuratively – in your career.

Ideally, you should be able to walk around both sides of the desk. This encourages the chi to flow freely around the room. If one side of your desk is blocked or pushed up against a wall, it can impact your income, as well as your relationships with co-workers, customers and prospects.

Be Comfortable

Anything that causes you discomfort will drain your energy. Hence, you should have a good combination of the glare screen/radiation filter to prevent headaches and eyestrain, a comfortable chair that doesn’t squeak; comfortable keyboard and arm position, and a mouse that fits your hand.

De-clutter Your Computer

How is your Inbox? If you see hundreds of emails when you open your Inbox you will feel overwhelmed. Create folders to file emails you want to refer to. Go through your folders regularly to delete emails no longer needed. Once a week empty your Delete folder.

Is your desktop full of shortcuts to programs from a past life? Do you have programs on your computer you never use? Computers are great clutter collectors, and like us, they work better if we keep them de-cluttered.

Enhance Your Prosperity Corner

As you enter the door of your office, the far left hand corner is your “wealth and prosperity” corner. What do you have there? Clutter here will definitely affect your prosperity. A bathroom drains away new opportunities and a kitchen/ pantry in this place burns finances. This is a good place for a small tabletop fountain, a valuable item or even an affirmation. Blues, purples and reds are the colors of prosperity.

Create a Nourishing View

What do you see when you look up from your desk? If you see a brick wall, this could explain why you feel stuck! Paint the wall the color you love, hang a favorite painting or poster. Make sure what you see uplifts you and nourishes your creativity.

“Clutter will definitely affect your prosperity.”

Ensure Cleanliness

What do you see when you look out of your window? Do you look at the world through a murky lens? Regularly cleaning your office or living area and emptying garbage bins daily will keep the energy fresh.

Bring Nature Indoors

A plant will bring life into your workspace and will also absorb toxins in the air. Plants play an important role in Feng Shui and help to keep the air fresh and lively. Plants in and around the house are sources of balance and prosperity. Green is the color of growth and harmony, and gives best results when used in the East or Southeast zone. This remedy is especially useful for those not having number 3 or 4 in their birth details as they normally lack growth in career/family and it is difficult for them to accumulate wealth.

Separate Your Workspace

Work and sleep are two conflicting energies, and having a relaxing sleep will enhance your productivity and efficiency. If you must have your workspace at your home, avoid it in the bedroom. If it is unavoidable, try to partition it off with a screen or a curtain. Since a mirror reflecting the bed leads to disturbed sleep, a computer/TV in the bedroom should always be avoided.

Repair or Replace Broken Objects

Anything that isn’t working represents a block to the flow of energy. For example, all electrical appliances, electronic gadgets, light bulbs, clocks or doors that don’t open smoothly must be replaced or repaired.
By following these Feng Shui enhancements, create a flow of prosperity, positive energy and creativity in your life to support you in reaching your potential.

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