Bring Spring Home

By: Meena Valliappan

Spring is a captivating time of the year, a season of rejuvenation and outdoor serenity. Welcome the freshness of spring into your home through nature-inspired designs and fresh, modern fittings such as contemporary doors. Updating your home décor with the changing seasons is the easiest way to keep your interiors fresh and interesting. Spring into a new décor, and allow the arresting beauty of Mother Nature into your home with these simple tips.

Keep It Clean

For many, spring does not evoke memories of nature, but rather of annual spring cleaning! Despite not being a task that many may look forward to, the end result is truly well worth the effort. Setting aside the time for a thorough house cleaning and ridding your home of unnecessary clutter is an invaluable home décor strategy. A chaos-free home is bound to be bright and airy; a perfect reflection of the spring season.

Reorient your furniture towards your windows and gardens to make the most of the lush greenery of spring. Even a slight shift in furniture positions creates a noticeable shift in the interiors of your home and breaks the monotony.

Flower Power

Fresh flowers and plants not only bring the beauty of spring indoors, but they also instantly liven up a room. The beautiful colors and sweet fragrances add interest to your home décor. Create spring centerpieces for your home by placing flowers like tulips and daffodils in a pretty vase. Positioning this arrangement on top of a mirror can add a whole new dimension. Placing it near a window can bathe the centerpiece in a naturally warm glow. You can also keep cut flowers in a bowl filled with water. These floating flowers not only make a captivating focal point, they also reflect the refreshing nature of the spring season.

Dress up your potted plants for the spring season in an inexpensive yet attractive way. Paint plant pots in subtle colors with highlights of yellow and green. Sponge painting can also be effectively employed on clay pots to create cheerful patterns that reflect the joy of spring.

Floral Fabrics

An easy way to update your home decor with the changing seasons is through the use of new fabrics and furnishings. With minimal time and investment, you will be able to transform the look and feel of your home. Replace heavy quilts with light, colorfully-printed bed sheets to embrace the change of season. Cover up dark pieces of furniture with slipcovers of light, pastel shades. This simple act can dramatically brighten up your living room. Floral printed pillows and cushions will subtly complement the existing furniture and add a touch of spring indoors. Buy a new tablecloth sporting spring designs to brighten up the dining room. It is important to remember to stay minimal and not overdo the floral patterns, as it could create a chaotic interior and fail to produce the intended relaxing effect.

And Let There Be Light

Spring is a time for light, airy interiors and a peaceful environment. Bring home the warm glow of natural light by replacing heavy window drapes with gauzy sheers. Set the mood indoors through bright ambient lights. Remove dark-colored lampshades and replace them with brightly-colored or floral patterned lamp shades made of thread or papier-mâché. These nearly transparent materials will emit much more light, making your room instantly cheery. Refresh drab walls with a simple coat of paint. This splash of color on your walls can create a dramatic effect upon the illumination level in the home. Opt for soothing colors like ivory, peach or soft shades of green and yellow. For a simple way to rejuvenate your interiors, create points of interest on your existing walls by painting small patterns in vibrant colors like orange and gold. You can also decorate the walls of your home with some bright artwork. Use removable wall stickers for an instant pick-me-up that can be easily removed when spring is behind us.

Scent and Sounds of Spring

The freshness in the air and the heady scent of flowers make the fragrance of spring unmistakable. Impart this unique scent into your home through air fresheners, candles or the unique aroma of oils and gels. A bowl filled with potpourri in spring colors will fill the air with a sweet aroma and instantly brighten your day. Hang wind chimes and listen to the melodious sounds as the spring breeze wafts through your home. The visual appeal of water fountains make them wonderful additions to your home décor. They reflect the soothing sounds of spring and create a relaxing haven indoors. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, water brings positive energy into your home and stands for prosperity.

Set the Tables

Even your tableware can reflect the changing seasons. Exchange the festive china for brightly colored melamine picnic plates. Buy a new tablecloth in simple checks or spring flowers, and choose matching placemats, coasters and napkins. A cheery assortment of apples, lemons and oranges in a center bowl can serve as an enticing centerpiece arrangement. Refresh your coffee table book content to reflect the spring season. Get books or magazines on nature, landscapes or wildlife. Not only will these books make interesting reading material, they will also act as table art.

Beauty Outdoors

Take advantage of the pleasant springtime weather and the naturally beautiful surroundings in transition spaces like patios, porches and balconies. Bring out some wicker furniture and position them informally around your space. Wicker and wrought iron are wonderful outdoor materials and blend in seamlessly with the blossoming outdoors. Use a neutral color to paint your wicker furniture and use a colored floral rug to unite the space and the furniture. Use delicate colors and subtly-patterned soft fabrics to create an innovative transition space. You can position a rustic wooden stepladder in any corner of your transition space and place plants and flowering pots on each step. Integrate water ponds into open patio spaces or create miniature outdoor fountains in your backyard. Welcome the sights and sounds of nature into your outdoor space by placing a bird feeder at the edge of your patio.

The energy and liveliness of the spring season is unmistakable and is a welcome addition to any home interior. So go ahead and give your home a breath of fresh air this spring!

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